• About Core Fitness Club

    Core Fitness Club in Pune with the aim of setting up International standard facilities and reaching out to diverse sections of society and encouraging people to make fitness and good health a priority. Our immense popularity has manifested itself in the large growth in our member base. We’re delighted to be able to provide the means and motivation for people of all ages, shapes and sizes to get as fit as they can. Our club is well equipped with Club class facilities, top of the line fitness equipment, luxurious spas with steam and massage rooms. But at Core Fitness Club our focal point is the members & not the facilities alone. Our quest for a healthy way of life would not be complete without the long lasting relations we strive to create with our members. Member relations remain our priority and we believe in creating enduring relationships with them. We have initiated and conceptualized a wide range of member events in Pune. We also offer our members a wide choice in our group classes of Club class standards.

    We have personal training staff offering round the clock support. The result is fun, friendly and affordable.

  • Our Core People

    Navnath Yenpure - Partner

    Rohan Takalkar - Partner

    Saourabh Damle - Partner

    Hrishikesh Mane - Partner